project director: Simon Yuill
original drawings: Chad McCail
development team:
Ricardo Creemers
Stefan Gartner
Eleonora Oreggia
Simon Yuill
sound design: Mark Vernon


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[module 1] demoville
Amsterdam and Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
January 2004 - April 2004

Module 1 focused on the creation of a working prototype of the spring_alpha software, called "Demoville". This was enabled through a residency at the Netherlands Media Art Institute. At the end of the residency the software was exhibited along with Chad's original "Spring" drawing, and a public talk held to explore some of the background issues relating to the project. Workshops were also held with students of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

The main development team for "Demoville" were: Ricardo Creemers, Stefan Gartner, Eleonora Oreggia and Simon Yuill.

Special thanks should go to Gaby Wijers and Wiel Seuskens for their help and support during the residency.

Exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute

Documentary video by Eleonora Oreggia

Presentation video

Screen grabs and video clips

Prototype software


Talk event with Simon Yuill, Chad McCail, Matthew Fuller and Francis McKee

"Not Vice City nor Nice City" article by Matthew Fuller