project director: Simon Yuill
original drawings: Chad McCail
development team:
Ricardo Creemers
Stefan Gartner
Eleonora Oreggia
Simon Yuill
sound design: Mark Vernon


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[module 4] spring_city
Huddersfield (England), Dundee and Glasgow (Scotland), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Tokyo (Japan)
April 2005 - July 2005

3D models

The 3D models for spring_city were built by Ricardo Creemers (objects and vehicles) and Stefan Gartner (buildings). The Blender files for these can be downloaded for use in spring_city or by themselves.

click on image for enlarged version

police bike army tank helicopter
spider playframe fire extinguisher forklift truck

The Blender files are distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons license:

spring_city_models.tgz [20.1 MB]

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