project director: Simon Yuill
original drawings: Chad McCail
development team:
Ricardo Creemers
Stefan Gartner
Eleonora Oreggia
Simon Yuill
sound design: Mark Vernon


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[module 1] demoville
Amsterdam and Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
January 2004 - April 2004

video by Eleonora Oreggia.

Documentary video of module 1 development. Shown as part of the exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam.

Simon Yuill was interviewed by Derek Holzer and Anna Dekker. Chad McCail was interviewed by Simon Yuill. Original darwings by Chad McCail. Animations and game renderings by Ricardo Creemers and Stefan Gartner.

video: documentary.ogg, 04:46, 6.8 MB
video: documentary.avi, 04:46, 23.1 MB

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